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Industrial ceiling type double flux air coolers

Industrial ceiling type coolers particularly suitable for salt processing temperatures and positive cell preservation. at temperatures up to negative - 40 ° C where are for low air speeds and high relative humidity.

Industrial ceiling type double flux coolers features


Special copper tube.
Aluminium fins.
Fin spacing: 3,2 ÷ 6 mm
Mod ICH 7...32-ICL 5...24 30x30 staggered- Tube Ø 12,5 mm.
Mod ICH 37...83-ICL 28...63 30x30 staggered - Tube Ø 16 mm.


Aluminium/FeZn Pre-vernished white
Double basin for condensed drops.


Three-phase 380/50
In conformity with rules VDE.
Working field +50/-40°C.
Thermic protectori included.
Protection grills, in accord with rules.

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