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Finned Coils

The core of the heat exchange coiler consists by finned pack battery, which is made up by continuous fins and tubes with external diameter of 16mm or 12.5mm (copper only) mechanically expanded within self-spaced collars obtained by pressing in the fins.
This system assures a perfect bond between tube and fin, no twiths tanding high temperature differences, thus achieving the best conditions for heat transfer between the primary fluid and water.The frame is built with heavy-thickness metal sheet, with collar-equipped holes of the tube sheets, to avoid tube wearing during the thermal expansion of the finned pack. In the standard manufacturing process the headers (collectors) are obtained from tube, but customized box-type headers are provided following customer requests.The connections can be flanged, threaded or welded.



copper (Cu),
tinned copper (CuSn),
stainless steel (A304L, A316L, A316Ti).


copper (Cu),
tinned copper (CuSn),
aluminum (Al),
aluminum magnesium(AlMg),
prepainted aluminum (Alp),
stainless steel (A304L, A316L).


copper (Cu),
tinned copper (CuSn),
aluminum (Al),
galvanized iron (FeZn),
aluminum magnesium (AlMg),
prepainted aluminum (Alp),
stainless steel (A304L, A316L)


Headers (collectors):
copper (Cu),
tinned copper (CuSn),
carbon steel (Fe),
stainless steel (A304L, A316L, A316Ti).

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